Retro Racquet Doubles Tournament

Rock Quarry Park | Durham, NC
Nov 4, 2023 at 8am

After a hurricane delay and a long wait, the tournament is on!

Due to a decline in numbers due to the reschedule, we've changed the format to a more informal draw that will be determined the morning of the event.

As a courtesy we've refunded all of the original sign ups, but you can still collect your swag at the event. We will still raising money for TROSA, and if you're inclined, please join us in leaving a donation below.



Any racquet may be used, but old wood racquets are encouraged. If you have a classic collecting dust in your closet, bring it! We have some old racquets available on site to borrow, or you can check out some place like TROSA, which consequently, is the charity to which the proceeds for this event will be going.

An old wood tennis racquet in the grass
An artistic rendering of two women and two men playing tennis, made by Adobe Firefly


The Durham Retro Racquet Classic is open to ALL who want to participate. In an effort to be as inclusive and fun as possible, matchups and draws will be determined by WTN and UTR, not gender, age or NTRP.

One can sign up without specifying a doubles partner, and we will place you with someone to try to keep the fields as even as possible.

The event will officially starts at 8am on November 4, 2023. We will be conducting the draw and determining the final tournament structure at that time and starting play.



Registration closed for this year's tournament.

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